Beginning Home Program


100’s – legs at table top, curl up looking into belly, then straighten legs, pump arms vigorously, take 5 breaths in, 5 breaths out, while pumping arms vigorously – 10 total breaths.

Roll Up

Roll-ups –Ext. legs to floor or (hook feet under couch for support with bent knees), arms to ceiling, curl up, reach arms to wall in front of you, roll back to floor, bone by bone – 5 reps.

One Leg Circles

One Leg Circles – Lay on back, one leg straight on floor, one leg straight to ceiling, circle towards mid-line of body circle 5 reps in one direction then 5 in opposite direction, switch legs, repeat 5 on opposite side.

Roll Like a Ball

Rolling Like a Ball – Sit on your tail bone, knees bent, hands on ankles, balance on tailbone, roll back then right back up and hold the balance at top – 6 to 8 reps.

Single Leg Stretch

Single Leg Stretch – Lay on back, one knee pulled into the chest, opposite leg extends out, take opposite hand to knee and same side hand to ankle, breath in and switch, then switch, repeat 8 reps on each side.

Double Leg Stretch

Double Leg Stretch – Lay on back, both knees pulled in, curl up, eyes on belly, reach legs and arms away from the body, circle the arms around then pull the knees in tight.

Spine Stretch

Spine Stretch – sit up against wall or away from wall, with legs extended to floor, open legs shoulder width apart, deep breath in the prepare and draw chin to chest and slowly peel spine away from wall, deep breath in then align spine back on to wall – 5 reps.


Saw – sit with legs a little wider than hip width apart, reach arms out to sides of the room, twist spine to one side reaching your pinky finger to your toe, roll up and twist to opposite side, repeat 3 each way.

Side Kicks:

Up and Down

Side Kick Series Up and Downrealign legs
Up and Down – turn leg out, go up and down – 10 reps.

Front and Back

Side kick series Front and back Forward and Back – lay on one side of body, angle legs out 45 degrees from hips, lift top leg in line with hip, move forward and back – 10 reps


Side Kick Series Circles – circle legs 10 reps one direction and 10 reps in opposite direction


Mermaid – sit in a (Z) sit position, reach arms to side, side bend to one side bringing elbow to mat and stretch over, come up and grab ankle with hand and stretch over the other way. Repeat on each side 3 reps.


Seal – Sit on tailbone, like rolling like a ball but arms are place on the inside of the legs, wrap hands around ankles, roll back and balance on shoulder blades, repeat 5 times.