I’ve Hit a Wall

I’ve Hit the Wall. What Should I Do?

Here’s the scenario. You’ve been on a roll, working out hard for weeks. Recently, though, you feel unmotivated and bored with your workouts. You aren’t seeing any more changes in your body.
Well, friends, welcome to the wall. You’ve just hit it. It happens. Here’s the good news: Taking breaks is good for the body! The body requires rest. It just can’t function correctly if you’re pushing it too far.
Do this: Take a week off. Eat right and get plenty of sleep. Go slow — maybe take some walks just to keep you moving, but lay low on everything else. Then, at the start of the next week, change up your routine. For example, if you’ve been running on the treadmill, try walking on an incline instead. Try yoga instead of Pilates. Interval training instead of weight training.
There are so many ways to change your routine. If nothing else, trying something new is like a change of scenery for your body. And you’ll start feeling a difference in a matter of a week.

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