A Positive Attitude is Extremely Contagious

A positive attitude is extremely contagious
So far so good: You wake up each morning knowing that you have to work out, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. From there, you start the conversations with yourself – to get motivated to go to the gym, go for a run, or to just curb a food craving.
How to break the bad habits that shunt forward progress? Start with that conversation. Keep it positive. Positive self-talk is an invaluable tool when it comes to changing behaviors – either to lose weight, or to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
I just can’t say this enough: Staying positive while taking the steps to better your health is what will deliver you to success.
It follows that when you work out, you’ll feel exhilarated and positive, which continues you on the journey.
Attitude is everything. Take a look at yours. Are you negative? Do you get all over yourself at the first mis-step? Find all kinds of good reasons to postpone your good health?
Stop. Re-frame. How do you re-frame your attitude? What works for me is to think of something funny. Smile. It doesn’t have to be “Pollyanna” – goody two-shoes humor. You know what funny is to you. Go there.
Do what it takes to nourish a positive attitude, which will direct your perspective, which will give you control over being motivated. It’s all connected.
And it does snowball. The more you stay positive, the more it becomes contagious. Next time you’re feeling stressed, or that you’ve hit a wall, or that you’d rather do any of a dozen other things than get your butt in gear, stop. Re-frame.
Ask yourself: How do I WANT to feel today?
Hint: Try “I want to feel fabulous.” Tell me what happens. J

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