There Are No Shortcuts

There Are No Shortcuts
Maybe this sounds familiar: You’re in your 30s or 40. You’ve been battling a bulging belly for years. You’re driving down the road one day, and there it is! The miraculous cure, up there on the billboard: “CALL NOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST.”
Maybe it’s the Lap Band, or some other elastic band miracle. Maybe it’s gastric bypass, to go to the most formidable extreme.
Really? Could this work? Should you call the number?
Guess what, friends: It all comes back to one thing, and that’s mind over matter. Being conscious and deliberate and intentional about what you want for your body. Because “get rich quick” schemes (or, in this case, “get skinny quick” schemes) are just that: Schemes.
Repeat after me: Physical modifications do not change the behavior of the mind.
Nor do habits change easily. Eating the whole pie, or three burgers with fries, or polishing off six meals a day? Not good choices. Healthy living is about a slow and deliberate walk toward good choices. Healthy living isn’t a speed round!
Try this: Instead of going for the quick fix, try for 21 straight days of intentional “sobriety” about whatever it is. Three weeks of taking a deliberate stand, thought by thought, about what you want out of your fitness life. Whether it’s about eating less, drinking less, or exercising more, you can make it happen. One thought at a time.

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