About What We Do

Our Mission

Our program is based on the original principals of classical Pilates. In the classical regime we feel the client has the ability to follow a series of exercises utilizing different apparatus i.e. mat, reformer, chair, tower systems and barrels. Teaching in this manner, clients will find the ability to connect to their center of gravity (core) which over time, changes the structure of their bodies and helps aid them through chronic weakness. Teaching becomes much clearer for the teacher, therefore easier for the client to progress through the program and enjoy the benefits.

Who can do Pilates?

Anyone who has a fitness goal and/or wants to benefit their current sport. Low back pain? No problem. Weight loss? No problem. Anyone with a health issue in the past as long as they have permission from their physician.

Personalize Program:

Pilates is a systematic form of exercise comprised of a series of effective movements that will uniformly condition your body. The instructors at Body Integration follow the principles of Pilates when delivering workouts so that your mind and body will be sure to improve. Whether your goal is to alleviate chronic back pain or to train for an athletic event, Pilates is the form of exercise for you.

We also, personalize weight training programs for everyone’s needs. With the wide variety of talents we have here at Body Integration, we are destined to providing the most effective program for your individual goals.

What distinguishes Body Integration Pilates studio from other studios?

  • Our instructors and their expertise
  • Our level of certification (both classically and non-traditionally trained)
  • Our fully equipped studio
  • Our classes, Reformer, Tower and Mat
  • Our specialty workshops

How to get started:

If you’ve had injuries or health issues in the past, you may want to consult your physician, regarding your limitations before starting your program.

If you are new to Pilates you will need to begin with a minimum of five private lessons to familiarize yourself with the equipment and Pilates principles. At that point, you may stay with private lessons or try our equipment classes. Your level will start at Beginner Level 1 and from there, with consistency and time, you will progress to Level 2 and 3.

We recommend that you practice Pilates 2-3x per week to see and feel the results. It is the repetition that changes your body and creates lasting effects!!!!!