A Positive Attitude is Extremely Contagious

A positive attitude is extremely contagious So far so good: You wake up each morning knowing that you have to work out, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. From there, you start the conversations with yourself – to get motivated to go to the gym, go for a run, or to just curb a […]

Mama need pilates

Pilates is the new craze for moms. Easy and not too time consuming.

There Are No Shortcuts

There Are No Shortcuts Maybe this sounds familiar: You’re in your 30s or 40. You’ve been battling a bulging belly for years. You’re driving down the road one day, and there it is! The miraculous cure, up there on the billboard: “CALL NOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST.” Maybe it’s the Lap Band, or some other […]

Tips From Our Staff

Feeling a little tired in the middle of a work day? Try getting out for a 30 minute walk outside to refresh you body and mind. I guarantee you will feel much better.

No Time You Say?

No time you say? Make time. Seize the Day!   The best way to do this is find that time of day which works best for your energy.  Personally, I’m a morning person.  If I don’t workout in the morning I find it harder to get motivated to workout in the afternoon or evening, but I do […]